Sunday, January 11, 2009

Give Me Liberty or Ethical Decisions for Social Work Practice

Give Me Liberty!: An American History, Vol. 1

Author: Eric Foner

Adopted at over 600 universities, colleges, and schools across the country, Eric Foner's Give Me Liberty! is making a difference in the American history survey course. Featuring a single author and a single, comprehensive theme, Give me Liberty! presents American history with unparalleled clarity and coherence. The study tools in the book and the companion print and electronic package ensure student success in the course.

The Second Edition builds on the success of the first, retaining the unifying theme of freedom while becoming more comprehensive, and adding stronger coverage of Native American and immigration history. In addition, the pedagogy has been strengthened with new Voices of Freedom-paired primary sources in each chapter, chapter-opening chronologies, key terms, and more. Overall the presentation remains concise and crisp, free of the encyclopedic detail that clogs so many other survey textbooks.

Interesting textbook: Managing the Organizational Melting Pot or Crimes of Outrage

Ethical Decisions for Social Work Practice

Author: Ralph Dolgoff

With the eight edition of ETHICAL DECISIONS FOR SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE, you'll learn to recognize ethical issues and dilemmas, reason carefully about ethical issues, clarify your ethical aspirations at the level demanded by the profession, and achieve a more ethical stance in your practice. This classic social work text places ethical decision-making within the context of professional ethics and provides useful guidelines, including two ethical screens to help social work practitioners identify priorities among competing ethical obligations. Developed specifically for social workers, the text features numerous case-like exemplars based on real-world practice and drawn from a variety of social work settings.

Table of Contents:
Preface. Part 1: INTRODUCTION TO ETHICAL DECISION MAKING. 1. Ethical Choices in the Helping Professions. 2. Values and Professional Ethics. 3. Guidelines for Ethical Decision Making: Concepts, Approaches, and Values. 4. Guidelines for Ethical Decision Making. Part 2: ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. 5. Confidentiality and Informed Consent. 6. Client Rights and Professional Expertise. 7. Value Neutrality and Imposing Values. 8. Equality, Inequality, Limited Resources, and Advocacy. 9. The Professional Relationship: Limits, Dilemmas, and Problems. 10. Organizational and Work Relationships. 11. Social Work with Selected Client Groups. 12. Changing World/Changing Dilemmas. 13. Whose Responsibility Are Professional Ethics? Appendix A: Additional Exemplars. Appendix B: Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

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