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America Back on Track or Environment

America Back on Track

Author: Edward M Kennedy

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Author: Peter H Raven

Raven's Environment, 5th Edition is a most accessible, yet detailed, environmental science text. The text provides numerous examples and opportunities for readers to explore issues at a local level.

Covering the enormous environmental challenges facing our world today, the new fifth edition of The Environment helps readers think critically about these issues and understand the concepts that underlie environmental problems. Rather than telling readers what to think, the book provides the information and tools they need to reach their own conclusions. It offers solid scientific content balanced with effective and current examples of problems and solutions.
* Introduces the reader to ecosystems, the physical environment, and Earth's biomes.
* Examines the problems of overpopulation as well as environmental concerns such as air pollution and the pesticide dilemma.
* Presents real-life case studies that offer in-depth analyses of actual situations.
* Includes 'You Can Make a Difference' boxes in each chapter to help readers take an active role in improving the environment.
* Offers additional information on a website devoted to further examining critical environmental issues that will help readers make environmentally responsible choices.

Table of Contents:
Pt. 1Humans in the Environment1
Interview: Lester Brown on the Environmental Revolution2
Ch. 1Our Changing Environment4
Ch. 2Solving Environmental Problems20
Pt. 2The World We Live In37
Interview: George Woodwell on Global Ecology and the Human Factor38
Ch. 3Ecosystems and Energy40
Ch. 4Ecosystems and Living Things58
Ch. 5Ecosystems and the Physical Environment75
Ch. 6Major Ecosystems of the World93
Ch. 7Ecosystems, Economics, and Government116
Pt. 3A Crowded World137
Interview: Anne & Paul Ehrlich on A Population Policy for the Super-Consumers138
Ch. 8Understanding Population Growth140
Ch. 9Facing the Problems of Overpopulation157
Pt. 4The Search for Energy175
Interview: L. Hunter Lovins on Efficiency Technology: Less Energy, More Power176
Ch. 10Fossil Fuels178
Ch. 11Nuclear Energy205
Ch. 12Renewable Energy and Conservation232
Pt. 5Our Precious Resources261
Interview: Russell Train on Preserving Biological Diversity in the Developing World262
Ch. 13Water: A Fragile Resource264
Ch. 14Soils and Their Preservation295
Ch. 15Minerals: A Nonrenewable Resource322
Ch. 16Wildlife: Our Plant and Animal Resources343
Ch. 17Land Resources and Conservation368
Ch. 18Food Resources: A Challenge for Agriculture393
Interview: Richard Mahoney on Delivering Biotechnology to Developing Nations416
Pt. 6Environmental Concerns419
Interview: Frank Press on Transnational Cooperation in Environmental Science420
Ch. 19Air Pollution422
Ch. 20Global Changes445
Ch. 21Water and Soil Pollution465
Ch. 22The Pesticide Dilemma493
Ch. 23Solid and Hazardous Wastes518
Pt. 7Tomorrow's World545
Interview: Jerry Greenfield on Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream: The Business of Social Responsibility546
Ch. 24Tomorrow's World548
Satellite Photo Composite: Earth at Night566
Appendix I: Review of Basic ChemistryA-1
Appendix II: How To Make A DifferenceA-4
Appendix III: Green Collar ProfessionsA-10
Appendix IV: Units of Measure: Some Useful ConversionsA-12

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