Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Securing Americas Future or The Priestly Tribe

Securing America's Future: A Bold Plan to Preserve and Expand Social Security

Author: Max J Skidmor

About the Author:
Max J. Skidmore is Thomas Jefferson Fellow and the Curators' Professor or Political Science at the University of Missouri at Kansas City

Table of Contents:
Foreword   George McGovern     vii
Introduction     1
The Forgotten Piece of National Security: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Economic Bill of Rights     5
Misinformation about Social Security: It Ain't What People Don't Know ...     15
The Gospel of Wealth: Amid Acres of Diamonds     39
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Plan and Its Enemies Emerge     49
From Miss Fuller's First Check     61
Frightening Facts or Persistent Politics?     77
A New Plan that Truly Would Improve Social Security     93
The Enemies Regroup: Rallying 'Round Reagan     101
Presidential Attitudes toward Social Security: "Only Desperate Men with Their Backs to the Wall"     127
The Special Problem of Health Care: The Fortunes to Be Made     151
Some Final Words to Sum It All Up     163
Text of Recording of "Operaton Coffeecup"     169
Internet Nonsense about Social Security     177
Social Security and Ponzi Schemes     185
Bibliography     189
Index     197
About the Author     205

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The Priestly Tribe: The Supreme Court's Image in the American Mind

Author: Barbara A A Perry

Perry illuminates the Supreme Court's unique advantages in sustaining a noble public image by its stewardship of the revered Constitution, its constant embrace of the rule of law, the justices' life tenure, its symbols of impartiality and integrity, and a resolute determination to keep its distance from the media. She argues that the Court has bolstered these advantages to avoid traps that have marred Congressional and presidential images, and she demonstrates how the Court has escaped the worst of media coverage.

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