Sunday, February 1, 2009

To Do Justice or Batmans Guide to Crime and Detection

To Do Justice: A Guide For Progressive Christians

Author: Rebecca Todd Peters

Encouraging Christians to call for public policies to benefit those most vulnerable in our nation, To Do Justice offers tools for studying complex domestic social problems and serves as a guidebook to becoming involved in social action. Rooted in Christian tradition, each essay analyzes a contemporary problem from social, biblical, and theological perspectives before providing directions for public policy.

These engaged ethicists from across the mainline denominations provide concrete examples of how progressive-minded Christians can work for justice in response to these moral dilemmas. With discussion questions in each chapter, it is an excellent resource for classrooms-both in colleges and in churches.

Table of Contents:
Contributors     vii
Preface     ix
Introduction   Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty   Rebecca Todd Peters     xiii
For Workers   Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty     1
For Families   Gloria H. Albrecht     12
For Those Affected by Drugs   Darryl M. Trimiew     21
For Prisoners and Our Communities   Elizabeth M. Bounds     31
For Public Education That Practices and Promotes Peace   Marcia Y. Riggs     41
For Healing and Wholeness   Aana Marie Vigen     52
For Financial Security in All Stages of Life   Johnny B. Hill     63
For Immigrants   Miguel A. De La Torre     73
For People Lacking Affordable Housing   Rosetta E. Ross     85
For All Creation   Grace Y. Kao     97
For Alternatives to War and Militarism   Gary Dorrien     108
For Funding Our Values   Rebecca Todd Peters     118
Advocacy Advice     128
A Social Creed for the Twenty-first Century$dNational Council of Churches     134
AGAPE document (Alternative Globalization Addressing Peoples and Earth)$dWorld Council of Churches     137
Accra Confession(Covenanting for Justice in the Economy and the Earth)$dWorld Alliance of Reformed Churches     142
Glossary     149
Index     151

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Batman's Guide to Crime and Detection (DK Readers Series)

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